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Free wheel

Smoke in the Carter 🎶

Gaussian curve parameterization for chromatography

‘With four parameters I can fit an elephant, and with five I can make him wiggle his dick.’ - No one


Lost in translation

Perforated cup flow dynamics

Go with the Flow 🎶


Get up, stand up ♪


NSFW (Not Safe For Weed)

Fortran GUI with gtk-fortran (installation)

What does the fork say? GUI, GUI, GUI, GUI, GUI, GUI!

Carnot cycle

They see me rollin

Planar graph

Not a Simple Plan song

Tiramisu creator death

It is a hot topic!

Pétain coud

Pétain de merde!

Advanced organic chemistry

Asymmetric synthesis as hell!

Mass conservation groinkciple

Pork me I’m famous

You know what amine

Very basic joke.


2022 will be awesome! At least compared to the Covid-19 pandemic…

Sliding ladder

LADDERbible as the evolution of LADbible

Bridgman's tables mathematics

Calculations to understand how and why Bridgman’s tables for thermodynamics work.

Covid19 among vaccinated people

The more the merrier.

Hipster zebra

Do not cross the line!


Leaving the real life.

Steam quality calculation

How wet am I?

Derivation of Euler's theorem on homogeneous functions

Because most of the derivations I found are wrong.

Gaussian integral

Because it has to start somewhere.
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